Mozilla Foundation launches Initiative for EU Copyright Reform: “Make – Create – Innovate”


While recently leaked plans by the EU commission mostly ignore pressing issues regarding transformative use and remix, the non-profit Mozilla Foundation – owner of Firefox developing Mozilla corporation – launched a petition on the matter entitled  “Make – Create – Innovate” with three main aims:

  1. Update EU copyright law for the 21st century: ” The EU’s current copyright laws were passed in 2001, before most of us had smartphones. We need to update and harmonise the rules to create room to tinker, create, share, and learn on the internet. Education, parody, panorama, remix, and analysis shouldn’t be unlawful.”
  2. Build in openness and flexibility to foster innovation and creativity: “Mashups, memes, and GIFs are all examples of modern Internet culture. Copyrighted works are remixed, reimagined, and reused in new and creative ways every day. These elements build on existing ideas in a way that breathes new meaning into old content. […] We need to build into the law flexibility, through a UGC exception and a clause like an open norm, fair dealing, or fair use, to empower everyday people to shape culture and conversations online and keep the Internet awesome.”
  3. Don’t break the internet: “We need to defend the principle of innovation without permission in copyright law. Abandoning it by holding platforms liable for everything that happens online would have an immense chilling effect on speech, and would take away one of the best parts of the internet — the ability to innovate and breathe new meaning into old content.”

Overall, this reads quite like the suggestions made in the right2remix initiative and we full-heartedly endors supporting the petition over here.

(more...) Leonhard Dobusch in netzpolitik.org
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Remixer #51 Addictive TV: “Images have their own sense of rhythm”

The “Remixer” series features interviews with people involved in remix practices and culture, asking them about their experiences and approaches towards remix. This time: Addictive TV.

logo-addictive-tvGraham and Mark are the remix and mash-up artists behind Addictive TV. They are sampling all kinds of video and audio footage into new works.

Could you introduce yourself and give some background on your artistic work?

Graham: We’re Addictive TV, there’s two of us, I’m Graham and he’s Mark! We’re audio/video remixers and mash-up artists and we create music by sampling sounds you can see. We’ve been doing this a long time and were part of the early pioneering days of this scene 15 to 20 years ago. We sample movies, TV, concert footage, music videos, even football and create new tracks or mash-ups from those samples, keeping the audio and video together. A good example is our track Beam Up The Bass, remixing classic Star Trek – all those fantastic 1960’s electronic sounds of phasers, communicators, people beaming up, even the Enterprise sliding doors, we created a track using all those sounds, but kept the pictures in sync – so when you hear the music, you can also see the sounds.

Mark: Yeah, in that same style of ours we’ve actually created a lot of alternative trailers over the years for Hollywood studios like Paramount and 20th Century Fox for films such as Fast & Furious and Slumdog Millionaire, and back in the day we were involved in the development of DVD turntables with Pioneer. In fact, my own background is as a mash-up DJ and producer since the early 2000’s, my other name is Go Home Productions and I’ve produced remixes for artists such as David Bowie, Alicia Keys, Gang Of Four and Kasabian and I actually made the first officially cleared mash-up album “Mashed” for EMI Records about 10 years ago, so remixing is in my blood!

From your point of view, what makes a great remix?

(more...) Leonhard Dobusch in Interview
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