Remixer #22 Isosine: “We’re a multimedia generation”



The series “Remixer” features interviews with people involved in remix practices and culture, asking them about their experiences and approaches towards remix. This time: Isosine.

Isosine is a remix producer and mashup artist. The mashups are all completely free and will always be available for free download. The works can be found on isosine.com and other platforms such as YouTube or Soundcloud.

How would you describe your artistic work in your own words?

I make mashups, which are a combination of two or more separate musical (but not always) recordings combined into one cohesive mix. This gives me the opportunity to recontextualize or juxtapose different elements of different songs. It’s really interesting and fun in general because mashups are so easily enjoyable and I think everyone likes to be surprised every once in a while.

From your point of view, what makes a great remix?

Not worrying what people think makes a good remix. Taking chances makes a good remix. Ignoring the “rules” makes a good remix because, realistically, there are no rules. I think occasionally venturing out into new territory is a good thing and helps music evolve.

How do you use or re-use works of others in your own works?

As well as audio mashups, I’ve been recently experimenting with the idea of video mashups. I like to make mashup music videos for the songs when I put them out. I won’t necessarily use all of the music videos of each constituent song in the mashup for many reasons. Sometimes the music video isn’t available. Maybe the music video doesn’t quite fit the mood of the mashup. I will use sources other than the original music videos, like other music videos, or even short films that I find visually interesting. In the end I want to bring together a very connected experience for the listening/viewer.

Have you ever abstained from using a work because of legal issues and why?

I have never let legality stop me in terms of mashups. I just go in whichever direction I feel is best. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had issues regarding copyright law.

Have you ever had legal problems related to your artistic works?

Overall, I haven’t had any big legal issues that have really hindered me. What I deal with most of the time is the content ID system on YouTube. This results in me having to go back to do additional edits so the work is transformative to the electronic eyes of the system. I’ve been persistent with uploading the videos because I put a lot of work into them and I feel that it makes the mashup experience complete. We’re a multimedia generation and I feel like it is almost expected. I don’t mind because I really enjoy the music video part as well.

Another minor issue is the country and mobile viewing restrictions on YouTube. Sometimes some videos will be blocked from being viewed in certain countries, and almost always on mobile devices. I am not bashing YouTube but I am saying that record labels need to loosen their death-grip and not burden the consumer.

How do you like the idea of introducing a „right to remix“, including compensation for the original artist?

I think that is definitely a fair way to view things. It’s a step in the right direction and certainly a better place from where we are at the moment.

Finally, what is your personal favorite remix?

This is a really difficult question! There are honestly way too many to name. If I had to pick one from recent memory it would have to be Conte’s “Daft Punk Skrillex Remix”. His performance/presentation in the video is just amazing!

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