Remixer #46 Morgan Crozier (Dontsample.me): “A huge pain”

The “Remixer” series features interviews with people involved in remix practices and culture, asking them about their experiences and ap, proaches towards remix. This time: Morgan Crozier, founder of dontsample.me.

Morgan Crozier

Morgan Crozier

Morgan Crozier is a 23 year old musician currently living in Austin, TX. He has been involved with music in one way or another for his whole life, starting with playing on a Yamaha keyboard and moving into every other facet from studio to live production. For the past several years, he has produced, performed and released music under the name “Galvanix”.

From your point of view, what makes a great remix?

My favorite remixes are reworked to sound completely different than before such as changing the song to a new genre or tempo. I think it’s really great when a remix of a song can be musically relevant on its own but makes use of the original melody, whether it’s a vocal clip or riff in a new way, breathing life into a song you might not have heard or even thought about in a while. It’s also awesome when someone can take a commercial pop song, for example, and transform it into something recognizable but completely different and geared towards a new audience that wouldn’t have been receptive to the original work.

How do you use or re-use works of others in your own works?

Sampling is a huge part of electronic music culture and I don’t see it going away. I’m a fan of using vocal clips and repitching or chopping them up to make a new thing. Using popular samples such as the iconic “think break” and 808’s alongside newer samples like the popular jersey-club bedsprings or DJ Mustard style “heys” gives your music a degree of familiarity.

Have you ever abstained from using a work because of legal issues and why?

No, primarily because I don’t sell my music. In giving my music away for free, I’m more at risk to get a takedown request instead of a lawsuit (to my knowledge. I’m not a lawyer, though).

Have you ever had legal problems related to your artistic works?

I haven’t had any legal problems as far as lawsuits go, but I’ve had my share of takedowns across Soundcloud and Youtube.

You have put together a list of artists whose labels send out takedown notices at dontsample.me – how does it work?

I initally made the list by hand collecting a list of artists who are under labels that are known to issue takedown requests. This was a huge pain as most of the websites don’t just give you a list of artists under their roster, and label may not necessarily say that it has one of the major labels, such as Universal or Warner as a parent company that will issue the takedowns on their behalf. I double checked every artist on the list to make sure they have a release through one of these labels and then created a submission form to allow the public to help out and submit any artists that are missing from the list, which I then double check before adding.

How do you like the idea of introducing a „right to remix“, including compensation for the original artist?

I love the idea! Remixes aren’t going away and there’s definitely a need to adapt the copyright law to cover them.

Finally, what is your personal favorite remix?

Tough question! Judging by my play count in itunes, my favorite (offical) remix is Skream’s take on Chromeo – Night By Night.

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