The Team

Markus Beckedahl

Markus Beckedahl is spokesman of Digitale Gesellschaft and blogs on netzpolitik.org.


Daniel Dietrich

Daniel Dietrich is open data, open government and transparency evangelist and Co-founder and chairman of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.


Leonhard Dobusch

Leonhard Dobusch is assistant professor on organization theory at Freie Universität Berlin and works on issues such as transnational copyright regulation and the management of digital communities.


Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer has studied Sociology at the Technical Institute of Berlin and wrote his diploma thesis on "Creativity and Innovation of Sampling". Currently he's working as a freelance blogger, DJ and journalist and prepares his doctoral thesis.


Barbara Hallama

Barbara Hallama lives and acts already since the 90ies in Berlin and you see her preferably DJing BassMusic at her own parties. She is working in event-, project management and as a freelancer for an international music platform. She is regular speaker/moderator at international music conferences.


Moritz Jacobs

Moritz Jacobs is a freelancing media designer, coder and DJ. Right2remix.org is also his master thesis.


Jan-Michael Kühn

Jan-Michael Kühn is a sociologist and dj. He currently works on a PhD about the scene economy of electronic dance music.


Katharina Meyer

Katharina Meyer is historian of technologies, freelance curator and Research Associate at the Hybrid Publishing Lab, CDC Leuphana Lüneburg, as well as bordercrosser at the interfaces of fine arts and technology. She publishes on net and media art and digital culture.


Susanne Regener

Susanne Regener is Professor for Media History/Visual Culture at the University of Siegen and Adjunct Professor of Cultural and Media History at Københavns Universitet.


Linnea Riensberg

Linnea Riensberg was Digitale Gesellschaft's first employee. Currently she works as coordinator for the project Publixphere.


Alexander Sander

Alexander Sander is Managing Director of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. He has been already campaigning for a reform of the copyright directive while working for a Member of European Parliament.


David Wessel

David Wessel has been releasing mashups under the name of "Mashup-Germany" since 2008 and is fighting for a reformation of the copyright.